Amazin’ Avenue Audio Volume 2013.6

This week on Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Jeffrey and Rob chat about the Mets starting pitching, Chris McShane reports on Spring Training bowling teams, and Chris Blessing of Bullpen Banter gives us the inside scoop on Rafael Montero. Plus, your daily FDA suggested amount of Cowgill (but no more). Hope you have a long commute!

Amazin’ Avenue Audio Volume 2013.5

Episode 8 is a return engagement for Mike and Rob. First, we answer your e-mails about Jeurys Familia, Spring Training, and the 2014 outfield free agents. Next, we discuss February storylines in camp and Sam Page’s column on #sandysmess. Finally, we wrap things up with a discussion of the 2013 Mets catching situation, even though none of us really want to talk about John Buck.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio Volume 2013.4

In Episode 7, Jeffrey, Rob, and Mike discuss the Mets that will be manning the corners in 2013. Should Wright get the ‘C?’ Do we platoon Ike Davis? Is Wilmer Flores an outfielder? (No) All these questions will be answered. (seriously, he’s not an outfielder) Then Rob and Jeffrey answer your e-mails about Jeurys Familia and what the Mets have to do to make the playoffs in 2013.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio Volume 2013.3

Chris McShane makes his Amazin’ Avenue Audio debut in the co-host’s chair for Episode 6. In the first segment, we talk Terry Collins’ future and why minor leaguers are obsessed with Chipotle. Then Bryan Grosnick joins the show and we try to predict what 2013 has in store for Ruben Tejada and Daniel Murphy. Plus, Chris and Jeffrey answer your Canadian-themed e-mails.