Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 53

In the Ralph Kiner edition, Jeffrey and Matt reminisce about Ralph, Sunday afternoon baseball, and WWOR. We also answer your emails on Mets prospects and potential TRAIDs the Mets should consider in 2014 before wrapping up with our take on Greg Prince’s query about what World Series title we’d most like to add to the trophy case.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 52

In the “Ramon Ramirez is why you don’t try and project the next 50 innings of a reliever’s career” edition, Rob and Jeffrey don’t even have enough “news” to qualify for a slow news week segment. So instead we’re forced to kvetch about Eric Young again (apparently Jeffrey didn’t punch himself out on twitter), and consider the Dadaist beauty inherent in Wilmer Flores, starting shortstop. Then we answer your e-mails on the 2015 rotation (might as well get a jump on things), what to do with 13 million dollars that the Mets probably don’t have, prospect food puns, overall organizational pitching philosophy, and Ed Kranepool. We wrap things up with Jeffrey going 0-3 at Mets trivia and lamenting the lack of a Wednesday game to make this Saturday a completely drunken debacle.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 51

In the “I guess apparently this is the Mel Rojas edition” edition, it’s slim pickings for both Mets news and Mets uniform numbers. That’s never stopped Rob and Jeffrey before though. On the agenda for this week: disparaging the Dice-K chryon, considering whether Wilmer Flores or Rafael Montero are really top 100 prospects, quoting Billy Wagner w/r/t Jeff Wilpon and the Mets radio booth kerfluffle, and of course, Rob making a hash of the Mets trivia segment. We also answer you e-mails about making baseball more like soccer, how we evaluate prospects, Jeffrey’s favorite David Bowie songs (okay, the e-mail wasn’t technically about this), and platooning Daniel Murphy.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 50

In the “Sid Fernandez was the best baseball player from Hawaii, unless you give extra credit for hilarious GIFs” edition, Jeffrey eats a burrito, Rob relives childhood trauma, and we talk a whole lot about the entire Davis family. There’s also some chat about our favorite NHL ’95 squads, replacement level shortstops, and perfect-world pitching scenarios.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 49

In the ” Hey, did you know Jon Niese was born the same day the Mets won the World Series?” edition, Rob and Jeffrey do their best to contrive a podcast out of a slow Mets news week. We talk #MetsTwitter (literally), the non-roster Spring Training invites, the 2014 Mets ZIPS projections, and English soccer for some reason. Then it is e-mail time, wherein Rob and Jeffrey have to make some hard decisions and confront their own mortality. We also discuss Dom Smith, small sample sizes, and declining offensive levels, before wrapping up with our picks for Mets players who should end up in the broadcast booth (and more soccer talk).

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 48

In the “Aaron Heilman was a pretty good reliever before he ruined all our lives forever” edition, Rob and Jeffrey cover all the Mets news of the last week. That takes about two minutes. So then we spend the next ninety minutes admiring Anthony Recker’s ass (and twitter feeds devoted to said ass), discussing our favorite games of 2013, considering whether it is better to lose with Wright or win without him, ranking Mets Hall of Famers not named Tom Seaver, prognosticating the NL East, picking our first baseman of the future, looking at wikipedia video game timelines, not really talking about Matt Reynolds, and finally, wondering what we’d do with Kevin Mitchell on the 2014 Mets.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 47

Rumors of the podcast’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, we are back with the “Tak2: Electric Boogaloo” edition. After a kind of unscheduled holiday break (#blameComcast), Rob and Jeffrey have a lot of news to catch up on. First, the hosts sing the praises of fat pitchers and wonder what the Mets might actually get for Ike Davis. Next, it’s time to breakdown the Rule 5 draft results! Then we discuss what we are looking forward to in Metsland in 2014 before switching over to our sister broadcast, Shorstop Avenue Audio, to answer your e-mails.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 46

In the “Jeffrey has blocked out how much money the Mets paid Oliver Perez” edition, Rob and Jeffrey catch you up on the paucity of Mets news since last week, give their thoughts on the Curtis Granderson deal, plea for sanity about the Rule 5 draft, and answer your prospect-centric e-mails. And of course there’s an Arruebarruena Avenue Audio update as well.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 45

In the “Ya Gotta Believe (the Mets will spend money)” edition, Jeffrey and Chris catch you up on all the news since Episode 44, and it’s a lot. First, we discuss about the Justin Turner and Jeremy Hefner non-tenders, before Jeffrey delicately talks about baseball players on twitter. Then we give you up-to-the-minute thoughts on the Mets and Curtis Granderson…that are no longer, uh, up-to-the-minute. Finally, we talk about this past TRAID Tuesday and answer your e-mails about hypothetical TRAIDs for Matt Harvey and Daniel Murphy. And hey, this time we made it a whole twelve hours after recording before the podcast became horribly dated!

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 44

In the “Blastings Thrilledge” edition, Jeffrey and Rob spend twenty minutes talking about a player who was non-tendered by the New York Mets five minutes after they finished recording. They are good at podcasting (also, prognosticating). Before that though, Rob bids a fond farewell to JV1 for some reason, while Jeffrey rants about Edgardo Alfonzo being left off the Hall of Fame ballot again. Then the hosts discuss potential holiday bargains for Sandy and co. and answer an e-mail about MLB farm systems. Somewhere in there Jeffrey says that there’s no way the Mets will non-tender Justin Turner because he was in their Christmas card this year. Ah well, it was one of those shows.