Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 51

In the “I guess apparently this is the Mel Rojas edition” edition, it’s slim pickings for both Mets news and Mets uniform numbers. That’s never stopped Rob and Jeffrey before though. On the agenda for this week: disparaging the Dice-K chryon, considering whether Wilmer Flores or Rafael Montero are really top 100 prospects, quoting Billy Wagner w/r/t Jeff Wilpon and the Mets radio booth kerfluffle, and of course, Rob making a hash of the Mets trivia segment. We also answer you e-mails about making baseball more like soccer, how we evaluate prospects, Jeffrey’s favorite David Bowie songs (okay, the e-mail wasn’t technically about this), and platooning Daniel Murphy.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 47

Rumors of the podcast’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, we are back with the “Tak2: Electric Boogaloo” edition. After a kind of unscheduled holiday break (#blameComcast), Rob and Jeffrey have a lot of news to catch up on. First, the hosts sing the praises of fat pitchers and wonder what the Mets might actually get for Ike Davis. Next, it’s time to breakdown the Rule 5 draft results! Then we discuss what we are looking forward to in Metsland in 2014 before switching over to our sister broadcast, Shorstop Avenue Audio, to answer your e-mails.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 44

In the “Blastings Thrilledge” edition, Jeffrey and Rob spend twenty minutes talking about a player who was non-tendered by the New York Mets five minutes after they finished recording. They are good at podcasting (also, prognosticating). Before that though, Rob bids a fond farewell to JV1 for some reason, while Jeffrey rants about Edgardo Alfonzo being left off the Hall of Fame ballot again. Then the hosts discuss potential holiday bargains for Sandy and co. and answer an e-mail about MLB farm systems. Somewhere in there Jeffrey says that there’s no way the Mets will non-tender Justin Turner because he was in their Christmas card this year. Ah well, it was one of those shows.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 43

In the “#Dickeythebest” edition, Rob and Jeffrey have actual Mets news to discuss! The Mets added some prospects to the 40-man roster! The Mets signed an actual major league player to an actual major league contract! The Mets still don’t have a shortstop! After that we answer your e-mails, Jeffrey mentions Baseball Prospectus a lot, and a discussion of Jenrry Mejia’s stuff gets sexually explicit.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 39

In the Bobby Parnell edition, Rob and Jeffrey unveil their AAOPs. Rob is a fan of, while Jeffrey unveils the “Noah Syndergaard TRAID challenge.” Next, we talk about the Mets recent 40-man moves and reminisce about Rob Carson and Mike Baxter. We also consider who the Mets should add to the 40 for Rule 5 protection. Finally we wrap up with your e-mails, wherein Jeffrey goes on a long and ponderous monologue about the Mets recent drafts.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 36

In the “Why exactly haven’t the Mets retired Jerry Koosman’s number yet?” editon, Jeffrey and Rob bring you the Amazin’ Avenue Audio Playoff Preview! The Mets are not going to the playoffs this year (spoiler alert), but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you pick a team to root for in the month of October. After that, we consider who should have moved to shortstop if the Mets had forced a tenth inning against San Francisco last Thursday, and we wrap up, as usual, with your e-mails, during which, also as usual, Jeffrey completely loses the plot.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 35

In the “Rick Reed is accosted by autograph-seeking mooks” edition, Matthew Callan slips into the co-host seat to commiserate about the Mets September swoon. After that, we discuss his new book, Hang a Crooked Number, and answer your e-mails on how the Mets can spend their way into contention, who’s the best prospect in team history, and what to do about the bullpen (again).


Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 34

In the “Go Big Pelf” edition of the podcast, Rob is back to talk about “[Stuff] My GM Says.” What do we make of Sandy’s public thrashing of Ruben Tejada? What does an Ike Davis non-non-tender mean? And how much money is actually being put aside for free agents? Of course we also answer your e-mails on the perilous prospects of a Shin-Soo Choo deal, offseason free agent priorities, and Josh Satin manning the outfield. Newly-minted Met Juan Centeno is your prospect of the week, and we wrap things up with good news, bad news, good news. The Mets are playing in Montreal next Spring, (that’s good!) but the Mets will not be broadcast on WFAN anymore, (that’s bad). Yusmeiro Petit shoved it against the Diamondbacks (that’s good!), but he contains monosodium glutamate… (that’s bad).

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 33

In the “How do you say no to Matt Harvey?” edition, Chris and Jeffrey show some #slack and spend an hour answering your sb_emails. On the agenda: Another discussion about Wally Backman’s managerial bonafides, a consideration of the Mets first base situation, ruminations on Rafael Montero, why you should never go in against a Beane when prospects are on the line, and some yelling about Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 32

It’s a rather funereal installment of Amazin’ Avenue Audio this week. In the Jon Matlack edition, Rob and Jeffrey break down the breakdown of Mets ace, Matt Harvey and what it means for the Mets (and their young pitching prospects) going forward. Then, Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus joins the podcast to give us the lowdown on the newest Mets prospect, Dilson Herrera. Finally, it’s email time of course. Jeffrey auditions for a role as WFAN drive-time caller #11, Rob #haslobby for Bruce Chen, and we talk about Robert Gsellman and other Brooklyn Cyclones of note in our prospect of the week segment.